9 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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Reason #1 – Increases your home’s value.

The National Association of Realtors rank’s various home improvements based on their return via increased home value after one year. They estimate that replacement windows increase your home’s value by approximately 97% of the cost of the windows. Therefore, if you spend $8000 dollars replacing the windows and sliding doors in your home (an average price) you will see an increase in your homes value of $7,760. But guess what?

Installation can account for anywhere from 25% to 50% of the cost of replacing your windows.So if you replace your windows yourself, you could save about $2,700 dollars doing the install yourself. (Based on 35% labor costs) So you can actually increase your homes value by $2,460 dollars over the cost of the windows.

Even if you live in an area where these numbers told agree or have the same impact, consider the following example. Someone is looking for a home to purchase and move into. They look at two houses exactly alike, everything is the same except one has brand new beautiful windows, and the other has old, dirty, drafty single pane windows. Which house do you think they are going to choose? I think it would be an easy decision. How much is selling your home faster worth, when it comes time to do so?

Reason #2 – Energy Savings

Most people will save an average about 35% of their heating and cooling costs, if they replace single pane aluminum windows and sliding doors, with energy efficient vinyl, fiberglass or wood windows.

Besides the money it puts back in your pocket, saving energy is the responsible thing to do these days where we live in an ever increasing energy crisis. Did you know that replacing your windows saves more energy than recycling, fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fans all put together. Replacing your windows are the greenest home improvement you can make that also beautifies your home, but more on that later.

Depending on where you live and how extreme your weather is, people can expect that heating and cooling costs will be anywhere from 50 to 75% of your energy costs. For the following example let’s assume that your heating and cooling costs account for 60% of your total energy bills each year. If your average utility bills are $250 a month that is $3000 a year.

60% of $3,000 is $1,800.00 Therefore you can expect your windows to save you about $630 dollars a year. This is a very conservative example. I helped one customer replace her windows and she saw a savings of $600 the very first month she replaced her windows!

If you plan on staying in your home for 5 years, you could save $3,150.00.

Reason #3 – Tax Deduction

You also get a tax deduction for replacing your windows and doors with an energy star rated product. Consult your tax professional for more information on this tax deduction.

Reason #4 – Home Comfort

Most people are amazed at how much more comfortable their house is. Do you have a couch in your home where no one will sit in the winter time because it’s so dang cold? Do you have one room that’s hot, another that’s cold and everyone is constantly fighting over thermostat settings?

Replacing your windows and doors will insulate your home so not only will you save on energy costs but your home will be a much more comfortable place to be, and after all isn’t that the most important thing about having a home? Somewhere you can relax in comfort and safety? Speaking of safety, take a look at the next reason.

Reason #5 – Safety

Old windows and sliding glass doors are extremely unsafe! Most windows, even brand new windows put in new production homes can be easily broken into without even breaking the glass. I moved into a new home awhile ago and before I could get a chance to replace the windows, my home was broken into, by simply prying the window open. There was barely any damage, and they got away with way too much. You can rest assured I have now replaced those windows with upgraded ones that have passed California’s strict forced entry codes.

You can also add other options that increase safety like laminated glass, multi-point locks and double seals.

Laminated glass won’t break as easily so it provides a great deterrent to crime when a burglar hits it three or four times with a baseball bat and still can’t break the glass. Laminated glass can be expensive, but considering what you could lose if someone broke in, you can’t afford not to add this valuable upgrade.

Don’t forget to select windows that have an auto-lock and a lock indicator. These windows lock automatically when you shut them so you can never forget to lock your windows as long as they are shut. They also have an indicator that you can see from afar to make sure they are locked.

Reason #6 – Ease of Use

Do you have an aluminum sliding glass door? Does it take every muscle you have, three cans of WD-40 and a winch to get it open? And forget about getting it closed.

New windows are a breeze to operate, open, slide and lock. The more reputable companies give you a lifetime warranty that includes window operation, so if it gets hard to slide after a few years, they will come out and replace parts and worn out pieces for free.

It’s surprising how much more you enjoy your windows when you can easily open and close them. You can actually let the breeze it without breaking a sweat!

Reason #7 – They Look Great

New windows are beautiful to look at. Many of my customers tell me how they actually enjoy cleaning their windows now because they just look so beautiful. New glass is clear and you may have beautiful views that you have forgotten about.

I always recommend to customers that want to replace their windows one at a time to do the kitchen window first. Noticing that new window while doing the dishes will motivate you to get the rest done right away.

Whenever we help someone replace their windows in a neighborhood, you always see a few others on the same street replace their windows soon after, just because they make such a dramatic difference.

Also if you are looking to change the look of your home, decorative grilles and creative configurations can really improve the look of your home from the street. Some people want to increase curb appeal and thereby increase their homes’ value, while others just want a great looking home. Replacing your windows is a great way to do this.

Reason #8 – Peace and Quiet

Without a doubt, the very first thing, about 95% of my customers notice is how quiet their home has become after replacing their windows. They can sleep in on days when they couldn’t before. The cars and planes don’t seem so intrusive.

When you do replace your windows take a look at the flimsy, skinny window pane you are taking out, and then compare it to the big, thick, multi-chambered frame you are putting in its place. No wonder, it’s so much quieter.

Reason #9 – Minimizes Dust, Bugs, and Drafts

Your new windows will have tight seal. Do you have to vacuum that row of dirt that builds up at your window tracts once a week? Especially at door thresholds, bugs just seem to waltz right through like it’s their own revolving door. New windows have double weather stripping and are built to more exacting engineering standards for a tighter seal.

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