Louvered Roof Systems – Shading Our Texas Sun

by / Tuesday, 02 June 2015 / Published in Blog Posts, Featured, Louvered Roof

A custom louvered roof system can be the perfect way to adjust the amount of shade on your deck, patio or sunroom. You can control how much light and air flows through at the touch of a button.

The louvers are available in anodized finishes and powder-coated colors, so your roof will match or coordinate with your home and outbuildings. And all finishes are weather and salt resistant for durable, lifetime wear and covered under warranty.

Because louvered roofs are light in weight, they require fewer posts and beams, saving on building costs and giving you a wider, more open view from your porch or deck.

The system is fully motorized for ease of operation, by remote control or wall switch. Some systems are solar-powered and most can be programmed for control with your smart phone and wireless network.

North Texas homeowners have reported a 15 – 20 degree difference between the hot sun up above and the cool shade beneath their louvered roof. They love the fact that sun-fade no longer damages hardwood floors, carpeting, rugs and upholstery.

Best of all, savings up to 30% on energy costs makes the investment in a custom louvered roof system a very smart investment, as well as a popular feature adding value when the time comes to sell the home.

It’s almost as if you can personally control the weather when you install a louvered roof system and use it to your advantage for climate control in your favorite leisure space.

Commercial applications include restaurants, hospitals and housing units. There’s really no end to the custom applications for the beauty and practicality of custom louvered roofs.

See the louvered roof in action!