New Screening Gives You the Best View and The Greatest Safety

by / Tuesday, 28 July 2015 / Published in Featured

Most of us grew up with the same type of screening on our windows, doors and porches, some being made of a fine metal mesh and then, eventually, those metal screens gave way to synthetic materials, primarily fiberglass.  But most screens looked pretty much the same and worked the same way, too.

Now there’s another evolution in screening called Myriad Nature Vue high definition screens.  The mesh is 30% finer, which allows you to get a better view of what’s outdoors when you’re standing inside the screened-in area.  

And the finer mesh also keeps the tiniest insects from flying through the screen as well. With West Nile Virus an increasing threat in north Texas, our Myriad Screen enclosures are truly a safety feature for your fresh-air living areas now.

That comfort and safety is important for your pets, too. With the addition of a doggy door in the knee wall, your dog can go in and out of screened-in luxury whenever he chooses, to cool off and take a rest from the Texas summer heat.

Four-season sunrooms are a popular addition to existing homes and standard new construction. Use of Myriad Screens in sunrooms gives homeowners the best view, curb appeal, light and air flow in addition to the protection of the finest available mesh screening on the market.

And of course screen rooms designed exclusively for warm-weather use are a natural fit for Myriad Screen enclosures. Once you see them for yourself you’ll agree that high-definition screens are a huge improvement over the other, familiar screens we’ve known in the past.