Louvered Roofs

GIF LOUVWith the American Louvered Roof System, you control your coverage.  Whether you are looking for shade, sun, or a little of both our system can accommodate you.

The ALRS allows you to electronically control louvers that can be opened and closed to your desired position.  When the weather is fine, you can let in the sunlight or a breeze.  On hot days close the louvers for shade.  On cold days open up the louvers to let in sunlight to your home.  The ALRS even accommodates for rain with a built in gutter system.

Made of extruded aluminum, the American Louvered Roof system is the strongest louvered patio cover on the market.  Hail rated and hurricane tested, this louvered roof is built to last.

Choose your louvered roof system in white, cream, taupe or bronze.  The American Louvered Roof is built to cover any sized patio or deck.  The louvered roof is a fantastic solution for homes with outdoor kitchens, potted plants, jacuzzis, and more.  The American Louvered Roof also looks great over pools.
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