Plano Louvered Roof

This is an American Louvered Roof installed in Plano.  The louvered cover is in taupe and the sand tone columns are a craftsman style.

Now let me just gush about this patio cover.  It’s made of extruded aluminum, so it is strong and sturdy.  This product, the American Louvered Roof, is hurricane tested and hail rated.  Meaning it is PERFECT for this crazy Texas weather!

Obviously the biggest benefit to the louvered roof system is that it provides adjustable coverage over the patio.  The motor moves the louvers up and down in a precise motion, enabling homeowners to choose exactly what angle they want their louvers.  This means when it’s too sunny and hot, the patio cover can be completely closed, giving much needed shade to the patio and home (it also means less sunlight comes into the home, so during the summer it can help with your cooling costs).  Or if there are plants on the patio that like a little bit of sun, a homeowner can adjust the louvers to give those plants precisely as much sun as they need.  The American Louvered Roof is virtually waterproof too.  This is a great patio cover if you are looking for versatility.

The only thing the louvered roof won’t do is feed you or talk back to you.  But you can try.

If you’ve got any questions about this job or the American Louvered Roof System, call our office at (903) 892-3780 for a consultation with a C&N team member.


Plano Louvered Roof